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a free, two-part webinar for parents

You've read the headlines, now learn what to do.

Parents worried about their tween or teen’s substance misuse should be especially aware of the current fentanyl overdose crisis. It’s not just happening to “older addicts” living on the streets. It’s in our middle and high schools, cheap, and easily available. Parents need to be armed with information and have impactful ways to talk with their kids about a never-before-seen level of danger.

This free, two-part webinar series for parents will provide current, factual information about fentanyl and other street drugs, specifically as it relates to young people. You’ll come away with practical knowledge and tools to use with your kids, especially ones who may already be experimenting with drugs and alcohol.


Founder, hopestream community

Brenda Zane

I sat in the ICU for three days with my son on life support, wondering what fentanyl was and how my son had overdosed on it twice in three days. I want to prepare you in hopes you never have the same experience.