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Oct. 7 - Nov. 4, 2024



If you’re curious to know more about addiction and substance use and want to understand how motivation, science, and compassion can help your family – but don’t know where to start – join us for this one-of-a-kind study group.

You’ll be expertly guided through the phenomenal book, Beyond Addiction; How Science and Kindness Help People Change. This book is relied upon by thousands of families who are desperate to help someone they love make positive changes in their unhealthy use of drugs or alcohol.

It can feel overwhelming to try and learn new concepts and approaches while you’re in crisis or while life is highly unpredictable. It’s easier to do with an expert guide, which is what you get with this group.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for parents or caregivers who have a child experimenting with or addicted to drugs or alcohol. The young person may be a teen or young adult who’s substance use is negatively impacting their, and your life.


This study group meets on Mondays from 5-6 PM Pacific time. 

Sessions run weekly from Monday, Oct. 7 – Monday, Nov. 4, 2024


The 6-week study group is $149 USD. 

Hopestream Community is a nonprofit organization and we offer partial scholarships for those who could use financial assistance to attend our sessions. Please email for detail49


Chapter One: Helping with Understanding – Behaviors Make Sense

Chapters Two and Three: One Size Does Not Fit All & Ambivalence is Normal

Chapters Four and Five: Self-Awareness & Willingness Is a Different Way to Relate to Pain

Chapter Six and Seven: Helping with Awareness – Self-Compassion Goes the Distance

Helping with Action – Good Communication Turns Red Lights Green

Chapter Eight: Inviting Your Child to Get Help

Chapter Nine: Your Behavior Shapes Theirs


You’ll need the book, Beyond Addiction, and we also recommend the new Workbook for Families and Friends. You do NOT need to read the book before the group begins.

Yes to all of the above. The book Beyond Addiction and the study group will be helpful no matter the age of your child who struggles.

No, anyone who loves someone with an unhealthy relationship with substances will benefit from the study group.

The group is for all parents and caregivers, regardless of gender or sexual identity.

No worries! If you miss a session, you’ll be able to watch the video replay anytime it works for your schedule.

We have a limited number of sliding-scale seats available, so please send us an email here and let us know what you can afford.

about your facilitator

My name is Dina Cannizzaro. I’m the mother of three adult children, ages 35, 29, and 26. My middle son, Parker, is in recovery from a harrowing nine years of using drugs and has been in active recovery from IV heroin use for almost six years. 

I was a high school teacher, counselor, admissions director, and Vice Principal for 36 years and recently retired to pursue my passion for helping parents who’s kids struggle with substance misuse. My goal is to “get the word out” about drug addiction being an equal opportunity destroyer that can happen to any family. 

I hope to help parents create boundaries they can live with while maintaining a healthy and loving dialogue with their children – no matter their age or the drugs they use. I believe each story is different and may require a unique approach. I also believe each parent handles their child’s Substance Use Disorder in their way and in their own time. 

Most of us need tools we learn along the way that can help us live through the chapters of life with a child who suffers from SUD. If we can help each other and share learned knowledge, we will all be better for it. I can’t wait to share with you and learn from you.

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