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beyond addiction study group

Looking for a science-backed approach to make real change?

If you’re curious to know more about addiction and substance use and want to understand how motivation, science, and compassion can help your family - but don’t know where to start - join us for this one-of-a-kind study group.

learn how science and kindess help people change

6 weeks: 1 hour per week live group
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setting and holding healthy boundaries

How to hold boundaries with a child misusing substances

Setting and holding healthy boundaries is one of the most challenging things parents need to do when your child misuses drugs and alcohol. Our kids push our limits to the max, so learning ways to lovingly create boundaries that keep us healthy and sane is very important.

Boundaries are a gift we give ourselves to stay healthy, uphold our values and maintain control

2 hour live workshop
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the stages of change

a workshop to finally understand why your child does the things they do

More than anything, you probably want to understand why your child is doing what they're doing and to make sense of their thinking, actions, and behavior. The best way to get insight into these things is to understand the transtheoretical model of behavior change, also known as The Stages of Change.

change is a process, not an event

2 hour live workshop
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Why Hopestream Community Learning?

As you navigate life with a child struggling with mental health and substance use challenges, you suddenly realize there’s a lot to learn.


Our peer-support specialists, therapists, and facilitators have all received training, licensure and certifications in their areas of expertise

live courses

You'll learn in a live, online or in-person format with small groups of other parents who understand what you're going through

lived experience

Our peer-support specialists have all been through the experience of having a child misuse substances, so they provide real-world perspective and wisdom

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