Parents have influence over their child's use of substances

There’s someone with a strong influence over your child's substance use.


Our private communities are specifically created for those who identify as parents and caregivers of young people who misuse substances and struggle with mental health.

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created by parents, for parents

The Stream Community is a private, uplifting online space where moms find personal connections, learn skills and support each other when their child struggles with substance misuse, addiction, and mental health challenges.

The Woods Community is an online space for men to find tools, resources, and personal connections when you’re encouraging a child to accept help and recover from substance misuse and mental health challenges.

Tap into your influence

We know parents are highly influential in motivating their kids to reduce or eliminate unhealthy substance misuse. The good news? You are not helpless if your child struggles with drugs and alcohol. We’re here to teach you proven strategies for change, with emotional support and a focus on your health and wellness.

Learn from our experts

With Hopestream, you have live and on-demand access to content and conversations from some of the industry’s top experts in mental health, substance use and wellness. Here are just a few of our valued contributors.

Laura Cathcart Robins

Wes Robins, Ph.D.

Ashlee Peterson

Emily Kline, Ph.D.

Jessica Lahey

Jen Murphy & Hilary Moses

Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Anna Lembke

Dr. Brad Reedy

Carrie Wilkens, Ph.D.

Joanna Lilley

Lisa Pepper Satkin

Dee-Dee Stout

Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Lu Vaughn

Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette

Krissy Pozatek

Diana Clarke

Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Holly O'Dea

What members say

You are not helpless

You need a scientifically-backed approach

In the past, parents may have been told they’re helpless to change their child’s behavior, choices, or motivation around using drugs and alcohol, but today’s science proves that isn’t true*. We include The Invitation To Change (ITC) Approach in our communities to give you a proven way to motivate and move your child to a better place.

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