The private, Safe Haven for Moms

When your child misuses drugs or alcohol and struggles with mental health

The Stream is the only community guided by peer-support specialists and industry experts to educate and strengthen moms of kids who struggle with substance misuse and mental health.

Created by moms,

just for moms

We’ve been where you are and want to give you the strength, strategies and resilience it takes to help your child make positive change in their life. 

Brenda Zane & Cathy Cioth, Co-Founders,

Hopestream Community

What’s included in your membership

a 24/7 village of moms & mentors

Every mom, peer-support specialist, and mentor in The Stream has been impacted by a child who misuses substances, so we get it. Tap into a wealth of wisdom and insight with moms in all stages of the journey

events and workshops

Join founders Brenda and Cathy, plus certified coaches and therapists, for ongoing live events to uplift, educate, connect, and support you. Access on-demand learning when it works for you

local meetups and retreats

Online is great, but in-person is better. Our local meetups and two annual retreats bring the healing power of community to life and give you the chance to recharge and reset for yourself and family

content specific to your world

Articles, posts, content, and videos in The Stream center around your unique experience of parenting and your emotional and physical wellbeing, without triggering images or content

Ready to have a strong village around you?

What members say

Our all-inclusive member benefits support and educate you

Attend live classes, workshops and support calls, or access 100+ hours of content in our video library

Join us with no risk for two weeks

We get it – it might feel uncomfortable or intimidating to join an online membership for support right now. We’ve heard that from members who were hesitant to join.

So, you pay nothing if you don’t find the knowledge, wisdom, and support you’re looking for in the first 14 days.

That’s how much we believe in the power of our community.

Annual Payment

$ 1,110 Annually
  • The Stream for moms
  • Hopestream Community
  • Two FREE months with annual option
  • All benefits listed above
two months free

Monthly Payments

$ 111 Monthly
  • The Stream for moms
  • Hopestream Community
  • Accessible monthly installments
  • All benefits listed above

Hopestream Community is committed to equity pricing for those with marginalized identities and parents in need. If you would like to join The Stream, but the cost is currently out of reach for you, please contact us here for scholarship information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you might wonder about

How is The Stream different from other groups?

The Stream is different in that we are a positively-focused community that’s meant to not only provide emotional support, we’re here to educate and keep you healthy. We’re not about ranting or raving and help you take action toward creating conditions for change in your relationships. 

Is this a Facebook group?

No, The Stream is hosted on it’s own proprietary platform which is disconnected from all social media. One of our core values is confidentiality so you never have to worry about seeing that random person from high school, advertising, or anything political.

What access do I have to the leaders in the group?

You’ll find our coaches, facilitators and co-founders Brenda and Cathy in the community daily! All are regular hosts for calls, live text chats and workshops. Brenda publishes new, members-only content multiple times per week and don’t be surprised when she and Cathy cheer you on in comments and responses to posts in your sub-group. Additionally, our team of Hopestream-trained peer-support specialists participate in community discussions and live events.

What's included in my membership?

Your membership is all-inclusive, so you have access to all sub-groups, content, speakers, Invitation to Change group sessions, wellness activities, therapeutic coaching, peer-support specialists, live group text chats, and any special events. The only thing not included in your membership is attendance at our retreats. See above for a full list of member benefits.

Who are the leaders in The Stream?

Besides Brenda and Cathy, we have an incredible team of highly qualified advisors, peer-support specialists, wellness coaches, and therapists. Each facilitator in our Invitation To Change Groups has completed the certified Level 1 training by The Center for Motivation and Change. Please read more about our team here.

Why is membership annual?

Because we’ve lived the chaos, we understand life is unpredictable. And for that very reason, you need to know your support system is not. It’ll be here for you through the ups, the downs, and everything that happens in between (which we know, can be a lot.) We also know that communities thrive when there’s consistency and investment in time and energy. For your convenience, we do offer accessible monthly payments, and a 30-day money backed guarantee for annual subscribers.

How much time do I need to invest to make this helpful?

Honestly, as much or little as you can invest, and we know that fluctuates with your work schedule, other kids, family commitments and of course, your child’s current situation. Ideally, if you tap into the community for 5-10 minutes per day, you’ll see real, lasting, and healthy benefits. Of course, we’d love to see you more, and the more you tap in, the more you’ll get out of it.

What if I miss or can't make a call or event?

Because we know life can be unpredictable and we’re spread across various time zones, our events and calls are recorded and available to replay on your own time.

You don’t have to parent through your child’s substance use alone.