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What we do

Hopestream Community™ provides education and support for parents of teens and young adults facing

substance misuse and mental health issues.

Your teams are the unsung heroes supporting a generation impacted by mental health and substance use challenges compounded by a global health pandemic and pervasive social media.

Hopestream Community supports parents in unique ways

> We give parents 24/7 virtual connection to peer support specialists, professional mentors and curated content – when and where it’s convenient for them

> Our signature retreats and in-person events help reduce isolation and shame, building confidence and a sense of belonging

> Our communities exist outside of all social media for complete privacy, and extend beyond Zoom calls

> We teach the C.R.A.F.T approach which offers practical skills to help parents improve communication, learn healthy boundaries and focus on self-care

> We offer monthly expert guest speakers to broaden parents’ knowledge and perspective around addiction, treatment options, and mental and physical wellness

> Our free podcast provides hundreds of hours of expert and peer-based content consumable anytime from anywhere

> With a deep focus on positive psychology and wellness, we offer vetted resources for coaching, self-paced education, and self-care

> Activities like trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices help regulate members to better manage the daily strain of having a child in active addiction, in a treatment setting, or in early recovery

> National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches guide parents whose health has been impacted by their child’s substance misuse and lifestyle

There's a need for more

We’re on 24/7/365, globally

We complement your work

Parents and primary caregivers always need to learn new skills, improve their self-care, and be supported daily when their child struggles. It’s a big task that takes time and resources. It’s why we exist.

Our free podcast and private (not on Facebook) communities are app-based, always on, and accessible around the globe. We work to equip parents to absorb and implement what you offer more fully.

We know healthier, more educated, and regulated parents can help create better outcomes for their kids, and we’re here to complement the heroic work you do to heal families.

We offer the confidence of a science and evidence-based approach

Hopestream Community supporting at risk youth

The Invitation to Change Approach (ITC) is a broadly applicable change model made up of three main parts: Understanding, Awareness, and Action.

It takes a village.

We work with organizations and professionals with a shared mission of helping families heal and thrive.

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