Bonus Episode: A Mother’s Day Card For All The Mommas

Hopestream for parenting kids through drug use and addiction
Hopestream for parenting kids through drug use and addiction
Bonus Episode: A Mother's Day Card For All The Mommas

It's Mother's Day and for those with kids who struggle, or who lost their struggle, it can be hard. It can also be joyous and amazing, kind of a mixed bag. So this is your Mother's Day card from me.
Sending so much love your way.

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 0:10hey there, I have a little Mother’s Day gift for you today. If you’re listening in real time. It’s Mother’s Day 2023, and I was going to write an article or an email or something like that. And instead, I felt the strong pull to share some words instead. It’s a little tricky sending a Mother’s Day message to you because you may be in one stage today that has you feeling extreme emotions, and tomorrow could be the exact opposite. Or your rollercoaster ride may be in a pretty good place and you’re enjoying the gift of peace and calm regardless of where you are, though. There are a few things I know or at least guess that you could relate with. so close your eyes and imagine I’m handing you a card in a beautiful envelope that’s your favorite color. It smells great, and it has your name written on the front. I’ve lovingly crafted a message for you and I’ve stuffed the envelope with a few spoons of positivity, A cup of hope. And a gallon of love, and it’s all dripping slowly over your fingers like honey from the seams. Here is what your card says. Dear Mama, today is a day that’s been created to celebrate you, your selflessness and dedication, basically your existence on Earth Post becoming a mother. It’s a made up day. That holds so much expectation, so much emotion, so much you can’t control. But mama, I see you. I see the popery of hope and fear in your eyes as you work to absorb as much information as humanly possible. I see the dash of exasperation. Cross your face with yet another incident, your usual patience canceled For a moment, I see you looking for the quiet place you can go to cry. Where family and neighbors won’t see. When the dam breaks in your tears need a safe place to flow. I see you catching yourself from an impulsive reaction, taking deep breaths and showing up with empathy and compassion even when you really don’t feel like it. I see you getting advice from well-meaning people who have never walked in your mama’s shoes. And have done the brave things that you have and you smile inside and know I’ve got this. I see you making decisions harder than anyone should have to make on little sleep amid lots of drama and with absolutely no guarantees. I see you cheer on a friend when it’s you who could really use some cheering on. I see you inch by inch, giving up some control, letting your child try and learn on their own even when it almost kills you to watch it. I see you tend to your other children who worry about you and want more than anything for their mama to be happy. I see you somehow get out of bed, put foot in front of foot, making coffee while wondering how you’ll survive another day without your child who didn’t win the fight. I see. You wonder how the world can keep spinning when a life has been stolen from it So unfairly, I see you pick up a paintbrush, sing a song in the shower, dance a little dance on the way to the dishwasher. Schedule your therapy appointment or grab dinner with a girlfriend who makes you laugh. I see you coming back, re-finding yourself reigniting the spark and spunk in you. That has temporarily gone down. You mama, you’re the real deal. You’re brave in ways most parents can’t even fathom doing the next right hard thing every single day in my book. You’re the v I p who should hold her head high when she walks into a room of moms who couldn’t do in a day. What you do before 8:00 AM you’re the mom. I want others to revere as the one who never stops ever. To find the right resources, say the right words, and stay in your lane all wild world could make you feel inadequate. So on this made up day, that comes with so much pressure and expectation, deep breaths, chin high, strong back, soft front, and makes sure everyone sees the cape you wear because you mama are incredible. If the world only knew. Sending all my love and light to you on this very special day, and I will meet you right back here on Thursday.

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