The Other Side of Addiction: A Compilation of Guests Who Made it Out

Hopestream for parenting kids through drug use and addiction
Hopestream for parenting kids through drug use and addiction
The Other Side of Addiction: A Compilation of Guests Who Made it Out

Recovery Golden Nuggets episode.

I’m sharing a curated collection of some of my favorite interview clips with people in recovery to celebrate National Recovery Month.  All of these guests have been to the darkest places –  jail, suicide attempts, overdoses. And yet, all have completely changed their lives, with several now working to help others in the field of recovery.

Their direct, personal experience with addiction gives them insight and perspective that can’t be found without it. The collection is inspirational to those working toward their own recovery but also for those seeking to understand and support the recovery of loved ones.

These excerpts represent hours of inspiring interviews; some will make you want to go back and listen to the original episodes. To make it easy, I’m putting links to each episode in the show notes. If you need a dose of hope, join us as we look back over the last four years of Hopestream.

Guests from this episode and their original episode:

  • Adam Sud – episode 177
  • Jeremy Melloul – episode 90 & 133
  • Mark LaPalme – episode 128
  • Mark Pepper – episode 76
  • Rebekah Mutch – episode 113


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